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Poule Poule - NL / EN

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Poule Poule
First of all, choose a player as the director, the "Poule-poule Master" (PPM), for the game or just for a round (in this case, the players will each play the PPM, in turn, clockwise). The PPM will stack the cards, one by one, on top of each other in the center of the table. Once placed, these cards will compose the Movie. Meanwhile, the other players will just have to count the eggs ! For your first game, start only with the three main actors: CRACK (THE EGG), COCOTTE (THE HEN) and GRRR (THE FOX), in the following proportion: 15 Eggs, 10 Hens and 10 Foxes.
The fastest player to hit the Movie, as soon as it has at least 5 Eggs available, scores 1 point. A point is represented by a colored Egg section. A new round can begin ! The first player who reaches 3 points - who has assembled a complete colored egg - wins the game.
When a player hits the Movie, others may choose not to question his words, and then hit his hand, or, do not hit, to contradict him. In the latter case only we look at the slow motion. The PPM recovers the Movie pile - taking care not to mix cards - returns it, then, card by card, starting with the one above (the first card played), replays the Movie in slow motion again...

Rules: Dutch / English
Age: 8+
Players: 2 - 8
Playing time: 20 min.
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Physical features
Height 15.00cm
Width 10.50cm
Depth 3.50cm
Weight per outer carton 2.60kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 8
Manual available in the languages Dutch, English

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Poule Poule - NL / EN
Poule Poule - NL / EN
Poule Poule - NL / EN
Poule Poule - NL / EN
Poule Poule - NL / EN